Intimate Weddings & Elopements


Hello and welcome to Kristopher Lindsay Photography!  We're a husband and wife run photography team who specialize in small, intimate weddings and elopements.  Over the years we've come to truly love the simplicity of gathering with the two of you or your dearest family and friends to celebrate the joining of two lives.  Marriage is an incredible commitment and capturing the intimacy and love between two people fills our souls.  Feel free to click around and lets start planning your happily ever after!

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We love when we're approached for a intimate weddings & elopements, the adventure, the low key nature, incredible images....they make us smile!

Intimate weddings and elopements give us the ability to work together through the a couples entire planning process whether that's helping to find the perfect location for your photos, getting the details of your timeline finalized or capturing incredible moments for our couples.  To us, photography is more than just taking images, we want your day to be better and even more memorable because we're serving you and capturing all the memories being made.

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